American Process Group can handle most residuals management projects, anywhere in the United States or Canada.  From Dredging or Pumping through to Ultimate Disposal of the final products, let APG handle it for you.  With many years of combined experience, our personnel have dealt with many different types of slurries and situations.

American Process Group offers the following services:

Dredging - Dredging is the removal of sediment from a water body (Lagoon, pond, lake, river etc.) It involves the use of a floating structure with a means for reaching down through the water and extracting the sediment. Click Here to go to our Dredging page.

Dewatering - Dewatering is the process of removing free water from a solid substance, thereby separating a slurry containing suspended solids into a liquids phase and a solids phase.  Click Here to go to our Dewatering page.

Lagoon Cleaning - Lagoon cleaning typically involves both dredging and dewatering, but can incorporate other items as well.  A Lagoon is typically a man made structure that is used for containing a slurry for treatment or holding.  Other terms for describing lagoons are basins or ponds. Click Here to go to our Lagoon Cleaning page.

Digester Cleaning - The digesters that we are referring to are large tanks that contain a biomass that is acted upon by microorganisms to breakdown or "digest" the organic components of the biomass.  The most common application in this manner is used in wastewater treatment.  Digester Cleaning involves the use of pumping and dewatering equipment.  Click Here to go to our Digester Cleaning page.

Watercourse Management - Watercourses are any body of water. This could be a lake, river, stream, channel etc. They can be natural or man made. We define Watercourse Management as the removal and treatment of sediment that over time builds up in these bodies of water.  This typically involves dredging and may involve different dewatering methodologies.

Solids Transportation - This is the transport of the dry solids material (usually by dewatering) to its final disposal area.  Whether it be via Truck, Rail or other, APG can arrange and manage logistics of the sludge product so you don't have to.

Solids Disposal - Whenever possible, APG will dispose of  sludge in a beneficial reuse application. Some examples are land application as a fertilizer, or the reuse of sand reclaimed in a watercourse management project. In situations where the sludge does not qualify for a beneficial reuse disposal, it is usually disposed of  at a landfill.  APG is fully versed in Environmental Protection Agency and Ministry of Environment regulations so we understand what requirements there are for disposal.

Residuals Management - Residuals Management is the Broad Scope term used to describe all of the above services.


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