Lagoon Cleaning The buildup of sludge over time degrades the performance of most lagoons. Eventually, the effluent will go out of compliance on suspended solids or turbidity. With American Process Group high volume dredges, we can remove the solids content (slurry) from the bottom of a lagoon without requiring the lagoon to be drained. Whether it is a primary, secondary, activated, settling, or whatever type of lagoon, pond, basin, or lake you may have, we have the knowledge to remove the solids while allowing the lagoon to remain in active service. American Process Group has experience on various types of lagoons in Pulp & Paper, Wastewater Treatment, Water Treatment, Lake Remediation, Oil & Gas and other industries. We can work in lined lagoons without causing damage to the liner, regardless if it is man made or earthen. Prior to quoting on a project, we will typically perform a site visit where we will travel out onto a lagoon to profile the sludge layer and take samples. We then perform lab analysis on the samples and with the profile information, we can determine how much solid material is in the lagoon. If the project also includes dewatering, we also perform lab analysis to see what results we can expect from the dewatering process. Data such as throughput, polymer dosage, cake dryness and the like can be estimated up front so there are no surprises once a project is executed.