Digester Cleaning The buildup of grit and debris (hair, sand, rags etc.) can negatively impact the operation of a digester by reducing its retention time and not allowing the full proper digestion process to take place. This grit and debris is usually not able to be removed using the sludge pumps that draw the biosolids from the digester, and that which is able to be removed is very harsh on typical pumping and heating equipment that is in place, causing higher maintenance costs. APG has the experience and the technology to safely and efficiently clean all types of digesters. With our advanced pumping systems, screening equipment, and operator knowledge, we can handle any digester or tank. All of our operations personnel who work on digester projects are trained in confined space entry & rescue as well as any other safety training required. We comply with all jurisdictions health and safety policies regarding confined space entry. Air quality is continuously monitored using air monitoring equipment, and emergency rescue equipment (e.g. SCBA) is on site should it be required. All of our equipment that enters the digester is Hazardous Location Rated for such an environment.