Dewatering The main equipment that APG utilizes for dewatering is the Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge. We also use other dewatering / solids separation technologies in some applications, usually in addition to centrifuges. The advantage that a centrifuge brings is dryer cake, higher throughput and cleaner operation than other continuous process dewatering equipment. HDC 970 Centrifuge - APG currently have some of the largest high "G" centrifuges in North America. With all of our units being mobile, we can have a turnkey operation ready to process within a few days. Our quick setup and teardown capabilities allow us to be economically feasible on smaller scope projects as well. All of American Process Group’s centrifuges are controlled with an industry leading, in-house developed control system. This system incorporates all functions of the centrifuge and intelligently controls pumping rates of slurry and polymer, back drive motor speed and other process elements based on operator input. With this system, APG can maximize centrifuge throughput, cake dryness, and solids capture while minimizing polymer dosage. Dry Solids - APG is also experienced in engineering operations that involve more than just centrifuges. We have designed processes for multiple levels of solids removal in applications where it is required. Equipment that we have used on these types of projects includes: De-sanding, De-silting, Sand Classification, Sand Washing, Clarifiers and Centrate Treatment